The last week ..

    I have to say that I never thought that coming of the last week makes me feel sad. At first, we have some prejudice about this course. We didn’t know what to do and how to do. 

    First of all, I have learnt many things about using the internet. I learnt how to teach English with the help of technology. I have developed my using the internet in teaching English  thanks to CALL lesson and our teacher. There are lots of applications and tools about learning English and teaching English. I believe that I will use them in my future teaching process.. I learned that I can’t deny using technologies in schools. Internet usage  in teaching English always will be in my life, and I know that it develops and facilitates my life. There were many tasks to do in the second term, sometimes we got bored while doing tasks. As you see, I write my reflections newly. To be honest, we didn’t enough time and energy to do reflections. Since we had lots of lessons and things that should be done. But I can say that I learned many things in this course. My teacher was so effective and successful in teaching and lecturing this course.He taught us each task patiently. Yet, in every week, I developed myself gradually. Now I can’t say this course wasn’t helpful. But I can say that this course should be given in 3rd grade to make the course very effective because everybody likes using computers and internet. 

     Finally I want to say that we improved myself, and we have a new sight about this course. In my future teaching process, I want to be like Mr. Akayoğlu while teaching; because he  likes his lesson a lot, and he always  lectured eagerly and patiently. The last week as I said before makes me feel sad. This is the end of our university life and we may not see each other again. Who knows.. Yet, we had a great time during 4 years and I have unforgettable memories and friends.. I will miss my student life and my friends a lot. Everything is not gonna be the same after university. I want to thank my course teacher and my friends a lot. All of you take care of yourself.Good Luck! 🙂





  This week I couldn’t attend to the lesson.Yet I searched what podcasting is about and how we can use it. When I googled some informations about podcasting I realized that I’m very very out-of-date for the technological applications. With the help of podcasting,you can listen to what you want, when you want, and how you want. Imagine that you get your new “radio”-style talk and music shows to listen to on your iPod.You wake up and automatically have new shows ready to listen to while you exercise or doing whatever you want. This is the podcast listening experience and this is the difference of podcasting.Not only that, but anyone can create his or her own “radio”-style show and broadcast it to the world in very little time and at very little cost. All you need is a computer, a mic and the internet. As far as I learned from my friends, we do our self podcast and it makes me feel a little bit excited. I record my voice and I listen it from the Internet. It’s really strange and funny 🙂

Week X StoryJumper and Digital StoryTelling



     This week, our topic was about storyjumper and movie maker. We and our teacher talked about them a little bit and he showed us how to use them. We were familiar with the Movie Maker but storyjumper was new for us. When I searched for it, I learned that Storyjumper is a website that lets you create your own book. It encourages you to tell your own story. It lets you share your books with friends and family and print them at no cost. 

         Moviemaker is also very helpful to share our stories. You just select your photos from your computer, you can add text on it and you even add music for your story. With the help of moviemaker’s features you can fix the music and their lenghts (story and music) become same. They begin at the same time and they end at the same time. Thanks to storyjumper and moviemaker, we as future teachers create enjoyable stories for our young learners. We can make the lesson attractive and funny for them. By using storyjumper we can draw our students’ attentions easily and lesson becomes more memorable. I hope we all have enough conditions to use them.




   This week our topic was Facebook and Twitter. We all know them how to use and how to sign up. From little child to grandfathers all people became a member of Facebook. I am also a member of Facebook. I attend some groups which are related to my department and I also create a group which is about a movie. We share episodes on it and make comments about the movie. Sometimes we give spoilers to the watchers. I try to be active on Facebook but again because of having limited internet on campus, it becomes difficult to use it. I even can’t sign up a twitter account and I can’t open web pages. Yet, I think that , if we use facebook and twitter for their real purposes, they become more helpful and useful. The only matter is using them for education and for their real purposes..



          The eight week’s topic was Wiziq. It seems the easiest technologic application among all of them. With the help of Wiziq, we can find online tests, tutorials, recorded classes here. Wiziq also serves us a social networking site which brings together all educators and learner no matter how far they are. 

As you can see on this picture, all educators can teach the lesson on the same page. They can create discussions and teach lessons. It’s like a real classroom. Educators can share their presentations and make presentations to all educators who log in from all over the world. It seems like a very useful tool for ELT department. I think that  we can attend important seminars with the help of Wiziq. We can sign up TESOL for example. It provides real classroom and we can attend and listen their seminars. Thanks to technology again, the world becomes smaller day by day..


Nice – Net ! Week VII

   The seventh week’s topic was Nice – net. When our teacher introduced us the topic, we couldn’t understand it. He showed us that what we can do with the nicenet. For example, we can create a classroom by using the nicenet. No matter how far we are ( educators and learners) come all together and teach/ learn the lesson.

      Nicenet provides us an online-classroom. You create a board-classroom board- and your students attend to the class. Students can ask questions and get help from their teachers. We also did it in our lesson and it was really enjoyable. Anyways, I hope we can use it for our teaching process in the future. I believe that it is not familiar to the learners and it may attract them. Lessons become more enjoyable and memorable. Especially for visual and kinesthetic learners. Thanks to Technology and our teacher , we learned new thing which is very helpful for us. With the help of nicenet, I believe that classes will become more effective. 

Week 6 Prezi

Image Our topic was Prezi this week. It was really very new for us and we didn’t have any information about it. He talked about the media literacy. At first , it seemed like Powerpoint. Yet, it wasn’t like Powerpoint. It’s a little bit different. Prezi is more enjoyable and interesting than Powerpoint. The only thing that you need to use the Prezi is the internet. If you don’t have Internet connection, you can’t use it. That’s really bad actually since we don’t have Internet anytime we want. Yet, still it is useful. If we use it for its purpose, it becomes more helpful. Thankts to our teacher, we learn new things week by week and these things will be helpful for our future teaching.